Anton Szandor LaVey / Антон Шандор ЛаВей - The Satanic Witch / Сатанинская ведьма

Anton Szandor LaVey / Антон Шандор ЛаВей - The Satanic Witch / Сатанинская ведьма
Anton Szandor LaVey / Антон Шандор ЛаВей - The Satanic Witch / Сатанинская ведьма
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The Satanic Witch
Сатанинская ведьма
Год выпуска: 1989
Автор: Anton Szandor LaVey / Антон Шандор ЛаВей
Жанр: Non-fiction, Satanism, Philosophy
Издательство: Feral House
ISBN: 0-922915-00-8
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: OCR с ошибками
Количество страниц: 88
Описание: The Satanic Witch is a book by Anton LaVey. It is a how-to guide for the manipulation and seduction of men by women, collecting a body of advice on lesser magic. Although written for women, many male Satanists read it because it contains information about lesser magic.
It was first published by Dodd, Mead and Company, in 1971 as The Compleat Witch. It was republished by Feral House in 1989 with an introduction by Zeena LaVey (ISBN 0-922915-00-8); and again in 2003 with a new introduction by Peggy Nadramia and afterword by Blanche Barton (ISBN 0-922915-84-9).
One of the most important concepts LaVey introduced in The Satanic Witch was the LaVey Synthesizer Clock, an improved form of somatotyping incorporating a fourth basic type to the three already in common use (by addition of the "pure feminine" type, opposite to the "pure masculine" or mesomorphic type). The LaVey Synthesizer Clock postulates that all persons occupy a set body and personality type, placed along varying degrees of the four types proposed ("clock position"), and that ideal friends and lovers will represent the opposite personality/body type by position on the LaVey Synthesizer Clock.
Сатанинская ведьма - книга Антона ЛаВея. Это инструкция и руководство для манипуляции и соблазнения мужчины женщиной, практической руководство по малой магии. Хотя написана для женщин, многие мужчины-Сатанисты читают ее, потому что она содержит информацию о малой магии.
Впервые она была опубликована Додд, Мид и компанией в 1971 году под названием Совершенная ведьма. Она была переиздана по Feral House в 1989 году с введением Зины ЛаВей (ISBN 0-922915-00-8), а затем в 2003 году с новым введением Пегги Надрамиа и послесловием Бланш Бартон (ISBN 0-922915-84-9 ).
Одной из наиболее важных концепций, что ЛаВей внес в сатанинской ведьме является Синтезатор Часов, в которой расширено представление соматотипа включением четвертого основного типа в дополнение к трем общеизвестным. Синтезатор Часов ЛаВея постулирует, что все лица занимают установленное телосложением и типом личности расположение, принадлежащее в той или иной степени одному из четырех типов ("положения часов"), и что идеальные друзья и любовники будут представлять противоположные личности/типы в положении на Синтезаторе Часов ЛаВея.
* Introduction by Peggy Nadramia / Introduction by Zeena LaVey
* Prologue
o The Test of the Thirteen Factors
* 1. Are You a Witch?
o The Myth of the "White Witch"
o The Drug Scene
o The Married Witch versus the Single Witch Choose an Image
o "Natural" versus Acquired Ability
* 2. Knowing Yourself and Others
o The Real You
o The LaVey Personality Synthesizer
o Predominantly Masculine Types in Female Bodies and Vice-Versa
o Temperament
o Skin and Flesh Tone
o General Proportions
o Sexual Proclivities
o Sense of Humor
o Alcohol and Drug Use
o Professions and Occupations
o Sports, Athletics, Aches and Pains
o Are You Passive or Dominant by Nature?
o The Power of Certain Names
o His Name
o The Law of the Attraction of Opposites
o By His Automobile Ye Shall Know Him
o Sleep Patterns ... and Other Bedroom Activities
* 3. E.S.P.: Extra Sensual Projection
o The Pupils of His Eyes as a Measurement for Success
o Sound
o On the Importance of Odors
o Taste
o Touch
* 4. Looks Mean Everything
o You Don't Have to Be Ugly
o Make-up: Projective Coloration
o Your Fur
o Your Undercoat
o The Law of the Forbidden
o Secrets of Indecent Exposure
* 5. Fashion: The Witch's Greatest Friend, The Witch: Fashion's Worst Enemy
o Cartoon Cuties
o Stockings versus Panty Hose
o The High Heel
o On Prostitutes and Pentagrams
o Accessories
o Color Clues for Witches
* 6. Bitchcraft
o Taking Advantage of Men Who Think They're Taking Advantage of you
o How and When to Lie
o Learn to Be Stupid
o How to Charm a Married Man
o Giving In
o The Folly in Trying to Charm a Self-Aware Homosexual
o The Lesbian Witch
o Gesture, Mannerisms, Toilet Habits and Assorted Ploys
* 7. Means of Divination
o How to Tell Fortunes with No Previous Experience
o "Cold Reading" and "Casing the Mark"
o Prophesy
* 8. Ceremonial Magic
o Sex Magic without Sanctimony
o Casting a Spell
o How to Protect Yourself from Another Witch's Curse
o How to Become a Succubus and Attack the Man of your Choice While He Sleeps
o On Choosing a Familiar or a Demon
* 9. Public Relations for Witches
o How to Break the news
* Select Bibliography
* Afterword by Blanche Barton
* The endpapers display the LaVey Synthesizer Clock