Loren G. Yamamoto - Case Based Pediatrics for Medical Students and Residents

Loren G. Yamamoto - Case Based Pediatrics for Medical Students and Residents
Case Based Pediatrics for Medical Students and Residents
I think that is peanut butter and jelly; well it could be some old mustard sticking those three pages together. This story starts in the spring of 1849 with the four graves and then when a small woman with "strong features and calming blue eyes" decides to move what was left of the two families from Iowa out to Montana. It tells of their family adventures on the Mississippi River, life and a winter in Missouri. Adventures up the Ohio River to find a 13 year old blind girl as told in the first four books. Lois Agne tried to start a new life in 1849 and recorded their day by day adventures, as others did, of her kids finding wanted poster men and Indians along the rivers, the prairies and the Lewis and Clark Trail: This is the second book of the series tale of the kids "River Kid Detectives." Next the "Captain's Blind Daughter" and the kids end up kid-napped. To endure life's tragedies and love in an adventure story for teens, adults, and grandchildren from 8 years of age on up to folks 108 years young and also for the little kid in all of us. After the mystery case of the spooks, the kids get a long interview by Mr Leo Brown of the St. Louis Star Newspaper. The boys' trail cross again later with the river captain who gave the boys their first five, $5 gold coins. The boys had pulled his ship off the river sandbar with their two wagon teams. The kids get on with their adventure by winning over many of the stern paddle wheel steam boat captains and later the young blind girl. The boys get a visit from the ghostwriter, Mr Long. The kids get a visit from a sheriff and some additional information on the Ohio bank robber. The kids get to visit a robbed Wells Fargo Bank in Ohio. The kids will soon have new wanted posters. This is all gleaned from a collection of some spotted, faded, parts unreadable, and as I said, I think that is peanut-butter and jelly sticking those three pages together through thirty-nine journals now molded into the kids' book series of storybooks. About the kids hiding in the trees, finding bank robbers, robbers of Army guns - gunrunners, and the kids with a 13-year-old blind girl, who became blind at age 9, and many folks enjoying Jail Bird food. Later finding a gang of the Army payroll {in GOLD} paddle-wheeler steamboat robbers. Lois, the mother, from her journals and journals written by the kids, who are, Bobby age 13, John age 13, Jerry age 12, and Kathy age 11, almost. From the journals of John's Uncle James West and the stern steam paddle wheeler Captain John Duffy. Stories about this family have been passed on down for over seven generations about the familys' real life and adventure along the great Lewis and Clark lower Ohio River, the Mississippi River, and up the Missouri River trail. Their personal lives, the people whom they crossed paths and where their lives path crossed in life with some folks, many times. Many journal entries are now flowing into this story. I am sure you all will be able to personally relate to the story of the people and their forthcoming choices and then stop, and may explain things to children, or just sit back in deep thought (for a while), and then you may decide. So much was recorded that it took three books (total about 940 pages) just to cover part of the details of the last nine months of their year of 1849. Some words, spellings, word use, etc. were all gleaned right from the real entries. This book has so many good little short stories; you are bound to enjoy some of them. This book is classed as fiction, while it still retains the general integrity and historical setting of the 1850's. The author's personally owns the journals used as his story guide. However any references to any specific time, dates, from the last 12 years of research request received back as information personally told, letter and e-mailed information items ar